RUMEX major specialization is development and manufacturing of reusable instruments for ophthalmic surgery. Each RUMEX reusable instrument is subject to multiple tests during manufacturing. In recent comprehensive comparative tests, RUMEX instruments have proven their quality of workmanship and performance at the level of A-brands if not better. RUMEX quality is supported by a multitude of FDA, CE, ISO-13485, and other certificates. For all instruments, RUMEX provides a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing or material defects.




RUMEX has produced more than 20 instruments in collaboration with world famous ophthalmologists. RUMEX likes to develop “smart tools”, i.e. instruments assisting a doctor during surgery. More than 25 RUMEX instruments have a measurement scale on branches or blade. Forceps with a limiter frees a surgeon from monitoring the opening of branches during a surgery to avoid hyperextension of the incision. Annually RUMEX presents up to two dozen new instruments to our customers.





 Ву offering multiple material options (titanium or stainless steel), we саn meet the specific demands of all our customers. You can always bе confident in terms of our instruments durability and our proactive approach to the surgery process. Our technological process allows us to provide high quality at affordable prices.