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As may already be evident at your own practice, patients are developing cataracts at younger ages. In turn, the demand for cataract surgery is increasing.  This has made cataract surgeries one of the most basic, sought-after eye surgeries out there, which means that practically all ophthalmologists conduct them in high numbers. This makes remaining competitive more challenging, and begs the question: Why not set your practice apart with the help of quality cataract surgery instruments that offer exceptional precision and ergonomic handling?

For a better sense of top-tier options, consider our checklist of essential cataract surgery instruments. Which will you add to your collection?

IOL Injectors

Placement of the intraocular lens is one of the most critical steps in cataract surgery, and requires exceptional precision.  That's why our IOL injectors feature a uniquely-designed handle with a reverse inner spring and ring to enable a tight grip and an ophthalmologist's use of just one hand for placement. 

Coaxial Irrigation/Aspiration

Coaxial microincision surgery is an increasingly popular approach to cataract surgery and reduces incision size in the eyeball by relying on irrigation and aspiration instruments for precise incision placement. Our product line of coaxial irrigation and aspiration instruments features a variety of designs and tip angles to ensure ophthalmologists have an ample range of options to guarantee successful result


Rely on high-quality choppers for efficient breaking of the nucleus. They are safe for the capsular bag. Our line of choppers  feature both single and double tip ends for versatile use, as well as varying widths, lengths, and angles. Effective cataract surgeries demand customized solutions, which is why stocking your surgical tray with a variety of choppers is key. 


When engaging in nucleus reduction chopping, a clean, swift cut is ideal. That's why our prechoppers, like our Akahoshi Hybrid Combo Prechopper, feature grooved handles that facilitate smoother maneuvering and rotation when operating on the lens nucleus. Like many of our cataract instruments, our prechoppers are made of stainless steel for enhanced longevity and durability.

Nucleus Crackers

Ensure a minimal loss of viscoelasticity with our top-tier nucleus crackers, which feature a flat handle for easy gripping and unique cross action tips for optimal grabbing. This instrument's titanium material further ensures supremely lightweight handling.