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Let's take a look at how the evolution of cataract surgery entails the evolution of capsulorhexis forceps’ design and promotes the development of new solutions, aimed at optimization of the process.

This post will demonstrate the diversity of capsulorhexis forceps and introduce you to the various constructions and mechanisms. Choose the best tool for any technique!


Larger incisions allow for more freedom during the surgery, comfortable phaco needle insertion and IOL injection. There is no attempted stretching and no incision tears resulting in their irregular architecture and poor integrity. Larger incisions allow to place the injector tip into the anterior chamber and perform controlled and smooth injection of the IOL keeping it away from a tear film and other potential contaminants.

Ophthalmic market offers a great assortment of Utrata capsulorhexis forceps to be employed during standard phacoemulsification around 3.0 mm incision and less: cystotome or regular, straight or curved, titanium or stainless steel – any preference has been considered.

All the tips of our regular capsulorhexis forceps are coated with tungsten carbide for improved grip of the capsule, especially in presence of viscous material.

Jaws overlap is prevented by special stopper situated next to the curvature.

The latest models of forceps have 2 or 6 engravings to measure the size of capsulorhexis.

Explore 4-03314Т Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps with Scale


Despite the convenience of larger cuts, the size of incision is being minimized as smaller clear corneal incisions result in reduced surgically induced astigmatism, less intraoperative and postoperative complications, faster wound sealing and visual rehabilitation.

2.00 incisions are large enough to perform an efficient surgery and comfortably insert the IOL but small enough to ensure fast sealing and reduce possible astigmatic effects.

The trend towards minimization required a redesign of the forceps – the construction of forceps was modified by a limiter, a device that doesn’t allow the jaws to open wider than intended.

4-0312S Microcoaxial Capsulorhexis Forceps with Alignment Mechanism 

4-032S Small-incision Capsulorhexis Forceps with Limiter and Wide Opening

Developed for beginners, popular among professionals!

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