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Not only you but also our instruments will have no second chance to make the first impression. Our instruments just have to look perfect in design, workmanship, finishing, coating, marking, whatever you can see before you begin using it. No, ideal is impossible to reach. Yes, we try and we do our best to be as close to perfect as possible and even closer.

Comparing competitors’ instruments from all over the world, we note many of those little things that make or spoil the impression. Careless mechanical processing, rooked detents, rough welding, obsolete technological solutions, or jaws not meeting… Moreover, often we even find rust on new instruments.

We are not surprised when a cheap no name ophthalmic instrument looks as if it is made of ordinary steel by a poor handyman under insufficient lighting with cheap and well-worn-out blacksmith tools. What surprises us a lot is when we see such artefacts from A-brands. The only explanation we have is that forced by price competition A-brands tend to outsource their manufacturing to contractors similar to the described above.

Anyway, we are sure that we make the best-looking instruments in the industry, and their look reflects their quality.